Talk is Cheap

What did you say? I've spent most of my life in the West, the American West that is for my world-wide friends. Except for a few minor forays to the East Coast, and some happier tromps to the Deep South, I generally shy away from anything that calls me east of the Mississippi or north … Continue reading Talk is Cheap


The Truth About Work

Now sometimes discretion is the better part of valor. Longtime readers and coworkers alike know that I am a pretty straight shooter. In fact, in my younger days I thought the more honest the better as I spewed forth the "truth" - as I saw it - in meetings and convos without regard to consequence. … Continue reading The Truth About Work

Best Blogs 1 May 2015

Welcome to #BestBlogs, the weekly curation of the world at work. The latest ideas on organization life, collaboration and our personal power in worklife from practitioners around the globe are collected here so you too may become more effective, perhaps even more satisfied, in career. Every week our theme emerges organically and this week its … Continue reading Best Blogs 1 May 2015

Anti Social

The secret is out. The bloom is off the social media rose. Whether you're a newbie or an old salt (okay, a veteran...) the truth is now becoming apparent: social media has morphed into selling, or advertising, with very little social left. Now, I am not a social media guru - in fact, I don't … Continue reading Anti Social

Authentically Yours

Authentic is problematic. Of late, being authentic is all the rage. Whatever definition you provide to that, it seems every #SoMe mouthpiece has a perspective that says, thou shalt be authentic. Maybe. In the office world - that is to say, political world - being authentic in the raw take-me-as-I-am sense may induce others to … Continue reading Authentically Yours


Ask yourself a question. Would you like to hang out with you? One of lesser known facts about "success" in the workplace is that likabilty is pretty damned important. Let's be clear: it does not suffice for lack of applied effort and intelligence, but they will not be all you need either if you're not … Continue reading Likability

The Power of You

What if I told you you had a secret weapon? You do. Many times I write about improving systems and practices at work. I believe in this: many if not all work places can be improved - some dramatically - if these elements are re-thought, re-imagined and just plain re-engineered. But there's another tool that … Continue reading The Power of You

Trust Me

Have you heard this before? It's one of those phrases, like, "can I be honest with you?", that always leaves me wondering. What do you mean can you be honest with me? You haven't been? I assumed you were... 'Trust me' is one of those phrases that people who are untrustworthy call out a lot. … Continue reading Trust Me


Are you committed?The many grey hairs I now possess (I suppose I should be thankful for having "many") lead others to think I might have a bit of work a day wisdom to impart and that's true. While my own mistakes are sometimes the source of said learning, I've also understood quite a bit about … Continue reading Commitment


Happiness is an inside job. Longtime readers know I often write about satisfaction, contentment and gratitude - variations on the theme of happiness - in relation to work. Now sometimes people get confused: is this guy writing about work, or happiness? Yes.You see, while there may never be a perfect job life isn't designed like … Continue reading Goodness