Best Blogs 20 Mars 2015

Welcome to #BestBlogs, the weekly curation of the world of work. The latest ideas on organization life, collaboration and our personal power in worklife from practitioners around the globe are collected here so you too may become more effective, perhaps even more satisfied, in career. Every week our theme emerges organically and this week our … Continue reading Best Blogs 20 Mars 2015


Empty Vessel

Fill yourself. Yesterday I spoke of the need for professional development. While this is important it's only half the picture. What we really need beyond just that is personal development. Some professions - health care, managing people, teaching - take a lot out of us. These are fields requiring a great deal of giving, time, … Continue reading Empty Vessel

Dis Able

He held the door.Walking out of a downtown office building this morning, the custodian opened the door for a woman who was just entering. Hey, I'd have done it too. In the South we open doors for women from 8-80. Tats, piercings or power suit, it doesn't matter. That's how we roll.Oddly enough, after she … Continue reading Dis Able

Work as Excuse

What's your excuse?Periodically work life balance regains momentum as we discuss ways to encourage employers to find options to drive a more flexible and managed work schedule. Believe me, if you are new to HR and looking for areas to make a difference you could do worse than to develop expertise in creative work schedules.The … Continue reading Work as Excuse


How do you tip the scales?Like many other things in American business the discussion around worklife balance has now fully migrated from curiosity to debate to fad to branding bullshit to old news. We don't talk about it anymore. Like employer of choice its an antiquated phrase that connotes the speaker (or, ahem, writer) is … Continue reading Balance

Best Blogs 7 March 2014

Welcome to #BestBlogs, the weekly curation of the world of work.The latest offerings from practitioners around the globe addressing organization life, collaboration and the politics of work are collected here so that you may become more effective - indeed more satisfied - in your career.This edition - each week's theme developing organically on its own … Continue reading Best Blogs 7 March 2014

Leaving Leadership

We've got it wrong.Peruse any stream on Twitter or LinkedIn, check out any business mag, attend real or virtual conferences and you'll see we're all about leadership.We've really got a thing for it.Every outlet offers their own twist on what it takes to become and improve as a leader. Heady stuff I'm sure but in … Continue reading Leaving Leadership

Advice & Consent

You sir, are no Jack Kennedy.People thrust into leadership sometimes are well-prepared, often times not. Events dictate whether leadership emerges and greatness alights.Behind every leader lie a phalanx of hangers-on, would-be wonders, toadies and perhaps even some good people. You're probably in the last camp as toadies and would-be's don't often read my work.Congratulations. Role … Continue reading Advice & Consent

Be Still My Heart

Will you be my Valentine?Valentine's history is a bit murky with at least three different saints using the name involved in promoting and supporting the course of love. Celebrating Valentine's acts goes back in some form for almost 2,000 years.This guy's been around.And although silly to confine romanticism to one day, it's still one one … Continue reading Be Still My Heart

The Price We Pay

Are you driven to success no matter what? How's that working for you? My career has been spent with driven people: I get them, I understand them, I am one. And yet at some point you have to ask yourself if the price we pay is worth it. The Costs Being succesful professionally is not … Continue reading The Price We Pay