Customer Culture

Do you want to lead people?Let's say you had two camps of workers, the coaches and the critics. If you think those labels are two leading call them A and B. I'm flexible.In one group people try to find the light at the end of the tunnel forever looking for the positive. You did that … Continue reading Customer Culture


Big Deal

I'm a big deal.I know I am because someone recently asked me for some pithy comments on helping candidates market themselves more effectively. Yee haw, can you say sweet spot?Pithy? Me. Candidates? Me.Marketing? Me again... I am really close on this one. Of course when the story finally came out the website owners decided my … Continue reading Big Deal

Let It Go

Will you be quiet?! she snapped angrily. It wasn't as much question as plea. Not long ago I sat in a room with half a dozen others wrestling through an intricate problem. In the end we solved many questions but still had a few left. Long meeting. At one point it was getting excited as … Continue reading Let It Go


If feedback is the breakfast of champions a lot of us are going hungry. There's no question on-target feedback delivered appropriately has a real influence on driving improved performance over the long-term. Cultures where feedback is a healthy component tend be more dynamic and adaptive learning environments. Feedback as norm. So why isn't this done … Continue reading Hungry

Culture Cleanse

I pick my feet up very carefully. My old house has unusual dimensions. The bath tub is an example. The edges are high and when shower doors were installed years later it was by means of a metal track put on top of the edge. If you ever stub your toes on these metal edges … Continue reading Culture Cleanse

Failure to Communicate

I got skills. Public speaking is inherent in the HR role: Open Enrollment, All Hands mtgs., Policy Changes, etc. If you're in HR you will address large groups. Get ready. Thus I've had plenty of opportunity to speak in my work, in HR groups like SHRM, as well as in other forums in business, church … Continue reading Failure to Communicate


Are you oblique? Neither parallel or right angle. Slanting, skewed, indirect, devious, sidelong. Oblique and obtuse are slightly different the latter conveying an inability to grasp things. Oblique though is its own special form of hell. I've coached managers in the past who suffered from this. Who they were isn't relevant (good HR people always … Continue reading Oblique

Breakfast of Champions

Feedback is the breakfast of champions. For years that little refrain has run through my head with two meanings. One, I actually buy into it so thanks to Ken Blanchard for dropping this little bon mot. Two, it reminds me of Kurt Vonnegut and anything that reminds me of Kurt is okay with me. Yet … Continue reading Breakfast of Champions