Ask yourself a question. Would you like to hang out with you? One of lesser known facts about "success" in the workplace is that likabilty is pretty damned important. Let's be clear: it does not suffice for lack of applied effort and intelligence, but they will not be all you need either if you're not … Continue reading Likability

Little Things

Words matter. Not long ago I found myself on a conference call working through a professional association matter. On the other end were people that I knew but just slightly: I like them but didn't have a great deal of history with them. Just as the call started a voice came on and said, "Hi … Continue reading Little Things

Best Blogs 7 November 2014

Welcome to #BestBlogs, the weekly curation of the world of work. The latest ideas on organization life, personal collaboration and the power of work in life from practitioners around the globe are collected here so you may become more effective, perhaps even more satisfied, in career. Every week our theme emerges organically and this edition … Continue reading Best Blogs 7 November 2014


Who do you serve?Not long ago I worked with a client - I'm always vague so as not to breach confidentiality - and I was immeresed in old school HR I thought we'd left behind.Now, before I use this group as a good example of a bad example, let me remind the gentle reader I … Continue reading Service


The witching hour arrives. This last week before Daylight Saving time is a nice one if you're an early riser like me. Elf sets the tone be stirring around 4 insisting on her nocturnal prowl and I let her out the back door to explore her kingdom. Somewhere between then and 5 I finally rise … Continue reading Umber

Plan B

Sometimes you need a Plan B.Not long ago I helped a friend with some work around the house. The truth is I'm pretty handy with home repair and renovation projects and as my ex would tell you, I never met a tool I didn't like.As far as jobs go my friend's request wasn't very difficult … Continue reading Plan B

100 Days

Do you have a minute? Seems like just the other day we were enjoying the heat of summer and now fall arrives... Wait a minute; I live in Austin - it was hot the other day! That however, is not the point. We now have less than 100 days left in 2014 which not so … Continue reading 100 Days

The Rules

Some things should never be overlooked.We talk a lot about the rules for good living. Getting eight hours of sleep and eight glasses of water. Eat lots of fiber and veggies, watch out for that red meat. Exercise 30 min a day. All of these can help us live a healthier life.There's another rule that … Continue reading The Rules

The Narcissist

I really like me. A headline the other day read, 'the narcissist in all of us.' A little bit of narcissism is a healthy thing but moderation in all things is the key, is it not? In the work place a little bit of narcissism can keep us a balanced despite the ups and downs … Continue reading The Narcissist

The Good We Do

Labor Day is a good time for reflection.In much of the US the weather is starting to turn (not for us - 101 today), football season has started again, and children are back in school. Much happens concurrently.And one thing that happens as well is the continuation of labor on this its day. While the … Continue reading The Good We Do