Ask yourself a question. Would you like to hang out with you? One of lesser known facts about "success" in the workplace is that likabilty is pretty damned important. Let's be clear: it does not suffice for lack of applied effort and intelligence, but they will not be all you need either if you're not … Continue reading Likability


"I want your life."Startled by the sotto voice I looked up from my chair and said, "S'cuse me?"A man not much younger than me stood a few feet away on the sand looking down at me and said again, "I want your life... Sitting on the beach, reading, a cup of coffee in hand in … Continue reading Want


The witching hour arrives. This last week before Daylight Saving time is a nice one if you're an early riser like me. Elf sets the tone be stirring around 4 insisting on her nocturnal prowl and I let her out the back door to explore her kingdom. Somewhere between then and 5 I finally rise … Continue reading Umber


Oh sure, kick a guy when he's down.I haven't had the best week. And to add insult to injury just yesterday I received an email from a company detailing how nice it was to talk with me about my qualifications but, unfortunately, they were not moving ahead with my candidacy.Considering that I never actually applied … Continue reading Rejected

The Narcissist

I really like me. A headline the other day read, 'the narcissist in all of us.' A little bit of narcissism is a healthy thing but moderation in all things is the key, is it not? In the work place a little bit of narcissism can keep us a balanced despite the ups and downs … Continue reading The Narcissist

False Positive

Its not drugs. Or is it? Last week I attended another professional conference with several hundred participants and ran into some of the same archetypes that give our profession - maybe all professions - a bad name. The false positive. Having been in business for three decades now I've bought and sold my share of … Continue reading False Positive


Character still counts.In recent times we've come to view character as almost code reserved for niche political zealots. We doubt the word and its purveyors.But in spite of attempts to hijack or dismiss same character steadies on. We've forgotten what character is and implies and in so doing let it become an empty advertising slogan … Continue reading Character

Ask and Ye Shall Receive

Want help? Ask for it.We know that to drive development there are really just two keys to learning - Seminal experiences Key peopleIn other blogs we've talked about learning through experience: taking the tough job, getting onto a project team, or my personal favorite (and frequent practice) saying "yes" first, and figuring out "how" later. … Continue reading Ask and Ye Shall Receive

Big Deal

I'm a big deal.I know I am because someone recently asked me for some pithy comments on helping candidates market themselves more effectively. Yee haw, can you say sweet spot?Pithy? Me. Candidates? Me.Marketing? Me again... I am really close on this one. Of course when the story finally came out the website owners decided my … Continue reading Big Deal

Sense & Sensibility

Do you have a sense of humour?I do.Of course I think mine is extraordinary as I enjoy a broad range of fun stuff from mental word play to Monty Python to the Three Stooges. Varies.I've learned it doesn't do well in interviews though.In fact there are a couple of things you may want to leave … Continue reading Sense & Sensibility