A Matter of Degrees

She shivered. As my better half and I left a quaint little bistro in the early evening the temperature had changed since we entered. From a balmy 70 initially, (21 to my friends on the other side of the pond) it was now a nippy 62 (17) since the sun set. Not that much of … Continue reading A Matter of Degrees

Cool Beans

Life's too short for bad coffee. Over the holidays I had some time to catch up with people I don't get to see that often. I hope this year I do a better job staying connected so that catch-up isn't as needed. One morning I met with a friend at a coffee shop near her … Continue reading Cool Beans

Yay! Team!

There's no I in team. But there's damn sure a me. In the US it's time to talk about teams again! The NBA is heating up just as the NFL is about to peak and thoughts of spring training slowly bob on the horizon causing us to think that pennant is possible this year if … Continue reading Yay! Team!


So it goes. My friend Mick and I were talking the other day. I'd love to tell you we were enjoying a strong bevvy watching the afternoon unwind but we were both still working. I'd called him a few days earlier for advice on a project I was looking at: he's pretty straight forward and … Continue reading Punt

The Art of Success

Are you happy or or are you successful? Can you be both? Yes. We are inundated with advice on success in business and commerce. The three steps to this, the five keys to that. If we would simply take a timeout and consume all this advice from bestsellers to morning tv to best blogs apparently … Continue reading The Art of Success


The quality of mercy is not strain'd. In one of William Shakespeare's most elegant passages (that's saying a lot folks) Portia reminds us - cross-dressed in the guise of Balthazar since women could not address the court - that the quality of mercy is twice-blessed, both by those that give, and those that receive. Would … Continue reading Mercy


Are you committed? In the canon of self-help/self-motivation literature virtual and hard copy I see lots of advice and admonition today. Build your brand, be different, lead, listen, collaborate... That's a lot of stuff. And unless said-advice is embedded in a blog request to link to a website and pay a small fee, I assume … Continue reading Determination


Use it or lose it. Three times in my life I've been restricted to crutches. As a function of having a more than active lifestyle and just by living so long I've hurt myself more than once. Years ago I sprained both ankles in separate incidents just a couple years apart. If you've never sprained … Continue reading Atrophy


Have you learned the art of silence? Just yesterday I was having coffee with a friend as we reminisced about some of the places we've been and people we've known in common through several workplaces. When your gray hairs outnumber your brown hairs you get to reminisce. Anyway, it struck me later driving home that … Continue reading Credibility


You are here. Lately I've been writing a lot about communication, clarity, feedback and so on. Topics we all give lip service to but when the rubber meets the road we often clam up, cool down and chill out. What gives? We've talked recently about some of the structural and cultural reasons straight feedback is … Continue reading Honesty