Can you hear me now? There are countless articles on how to prepare for and conduct a better interview as a candidate. In fact, I've added to the trove over time with my own salient advice. And it is helpful to review this material should you be on the interview trail so have at it. … Continue reading Follow-up


Seal the Deal

Its not over till its over. In the last several months I've turned down three job offers. What? Turned down? Yes, in the employee's economy - and make no mistake the pendulum has finally swung back as it inevitably does and we are now in an employee's market - we have more choice, option and … Continue reading Seal the Deal

Concierge Service

Its not what you think. While Google, Apple and others in Silicon Valley are known for their employee perks, the concierge I'm talking about is all about butts in seats. Specifically high dollar butts that expect - and frankly should get - a flawless start-up experience in order to land them in their seats. Let's … Continue reading Concierge Service

Can We Talk?

Stop making it hard to find talent. I've looked at a lot of online job adverts. Sometimes I read them just to see what's happening, sometimes I read them because I'm actively searching and sometimes because I'm sourcing potential roles for friends and contacts. I'm familiar with this stuff. And I've clicked on hundreds - … Continue reading Can We Talk?

Best Blogs 16 Jan 2015

Welcome to #BestBlogs, the weekly curation of the world of work.The latest ideas on organization life, personal collaboration and the power of work in life from practitioners around the globe are collected here so you may become more effective, perhaps even more satisfied, in career.Every week our theme emerges organically as the new emerges we … Continue reading Best Blogs 16 Jan 2015

Two Yutes

There is an incredibly funny scene in My Cousin Vinny involving two yutes. Well, funny to me as I have friends in NYC and in the South (natch) so I run into accent and grammar questions constantly. Like, a lot. Anyway, I was reminded of the disconnect in Yutes last week after talking to two … Continue reading Two Yutes

Its You

Not long ago I wrote about some silly things employers do to mash up the recruitment process. You can read that here¬† In all fairness though it helps to balance the equation by reporting on a few things I've experienced (I've been recruiting a long time) that candidates do. It seems there is plenty of … Continue reading Its You

It Happens

Choice can be hard to explain. A friend of mine recently went through a recruiting process for a job she really wanted only to experience, at the end, the ignominity of not being selected. Hey, I've been there: it hurts. Sometimes we take this rejection personally as if a lover had turned us down. We … Continue reading It Happens

Table Manners

Ever wonder what's it like to be in the other side of the table? Recently I began searching for a new opportunity: I've got some solid leads and have felt great about saying "no" to opportunities that don't fit. It's a good thing. And yet embarking on the job hunt inevitably results in the interview, … Continue reading Table Manners

The Long Way

If you don't know where you're going, any road will get you there. Sooner or later most us gravitate to career paths and follow our disciplines. And, although many of us will change those paths from time to time, it's typically done with foresight and thought. And then there's another group of employees. Recently I … Continue reading The Long Way