One Step

Slow down.The best employee relations advice I ever received was from Max Schellman early in my career. I don't know where good old Max is anymore, but I still take his counsel to heart and share it today with you: better to be one step too slow than one step too fast.In the US employee … Continue reading One Step


The Specialist

Are you comfy? In the U.S. we have Employee Relations Specialists. We might call them managers or reps, and frequently just ER, but get to a certain size and you will employ these people too. Not to be confused with Industrial Relations people from the 1950s discipline, these people do a very different - and … Continue reading The Specialist

The Bell Ringer

Ring your bell.There's an old grocery store here - well, 40 years, old by US standards - that I don't use much. You see I can walk to two others and they're both organic so I don't need the first often. But it is near and big and every now and then I stop in. … Continue reading The Bell Ringer

The Good We Do

Labor Day is a good time for reflection.In much of the US the weather is starting to turn (not for us - 101 today), football season has started again, and children are back in school. Much happens concurrently.And one thing that happens as well is the continuation of labor on this its day. While the … Continue reading The Good We Do

False Positive

Its not drugs. Or is it? Last week I attended another professional conference with several hundred participants and ran into some of the same archetypes that give our profession - maybe all professions - a bad name. The false positive. Having been in business for three decades now I've bought and sold my share of … Continue reading False Positive

Elephants Graveyard

Where do old behaviors go to die? Just the other other day I noticed a tweet in the torrent emanating from #SHRM14 attendees (am I the only HR geek not there?) about people not responding well to tats. Tats with an "a". You know, tattoos. At least one participant felt judged and shunned because she … Continue reading Elephants Graveyard

Life is Retail

I'm a relationship guy. I want to talk to the people taking care of my car, my dry cleaning, my home. I like contact (can you tell I'm a recruiter?) The merchants I choose I do so because of the value of their products and service. Others might be cheaper but value is paramount for … Continue reading Life is Retail

Mrs Dunn & Me

Its elementary my dear.Today in an attempt to increase information security recovering forgotten passwords is a function of memory.First childhood friend? City parents met in? Favorite teacher?Thankfully I can remember the last one so thus far have not been locked out of the internet age.Mrs Dunn was my third grade teacher. She was not in … Continue reading Mrs Dunn & Me

SXSW Native

Spring starts in Austin.We know its starting because the bluebonnets are out and SXSW kicks off in just days.Don't know what SX ("south by") is? Google it, or use my new favorite search engine DuckDuckGo - unlike big G, DDG guards your privacy insanely! But I digress.If you've never been to SX here are a … Continue reading SXSW Native

Best Blogs 6 December 2013

Welcome to another edition of Best Blogs, the weekly curation of the best of the web in organization life! In each edition our theme manifests organically and today its all about the power of you! This week's authors discuss mentors, managing risk, what innovation really means and how to take care of our own business … Continue reading Best Blogs 6 December 2013