Virtual Joy

I'm so happy for you. My good friend Rebekka Steg is leaving one fine company, Oracle, to join another, Dropbox. And my first reaction upon hearing that was how happy I am for her, and for the people she's worked with, and will. She's the real deal Rebekka. It got me wondering about how pure … Continue reading Virtual Joy

The Thin Skin

Beware the thin skin of social media.At least twice in the last seven days I've antagonized people I actually like on #SoMe. I say at least because these are only the ones I know about. There may well be - probably are - others where people were annoyed but didn't bother to say so.At least … Continue reading The Thin Skin


Connect with me.Let's talk about the elephant in the room, the underside of social media. The connection factor.How and who are you really connected to?Dark AgesIn days past "networking" meant getting business cards, going to conferences, or volunteering. To do that you had to see the people you were networking with. To do that you … Continue reading Disconnected

#SoMe isn’t So Me

Are you a guru?A ninja? Do you brandish a light saber as you don your Jedi apparrel?Enough word play (although alliteration is always alluring...)#SoMe is yet a wilderness fraught with wrong turns, dry wells and false promise. Should you dive headlong into Pinterest? What's your Instagram footprint? Does Foursquare have any relevance, and just what … Continue reading #SoMe isn’t So Me

Best Blogs 14 February 2014

Welcome to #BestBlogs, the weekly curation of the world of work.Here we collate the latest offerings from practitioners around the globe on organization life, the politics of work and in so doing how you may become more effective - and satisfied - in career. This edition - each week's theme developing on its own organically … Continue reading Best Blogs 14 February 2014

Advice & Consent

You sir, are no Jack Kennedy.People thrust into leadership sometimes are well-prepared, often times not. Events dictate whether leadership emerges and greatness alights.Behind every leader lie a phalanx of hangers-on, would-be wonders, toadies and perhaps even some good people. You're probably in the last camp as toadies and would-be's don't often read my work.Congratulations. Role … Continue reading Advice & Consent

Best Blogs 30 August 2013

The hottest month of the year comes to a close in the States and these writers are smokin'! Weekly Best Blogs scours the digispace for meaningful content relevant to the world of work and how we support each other professionally and personally. In this edition a theme of perseverance emerges. Looking life in the eyes, … Continue reading Best Blogs 30 August 2013

Social Misfit

Wanna be social? You're probably aware of the need for branding, presence and connecting in building your network on-line. All of these are important. Yet the number of Social Media choices can be overwhelming matched only by the number of so-called gurus telling us we don't use them well. So how do we adopt SoMe … Continue reading Social Misfit

Are You a Twitt?

What is optimum? There are many articles on effective Tweeting. Optimum number of Tweets per day (current foklore says 22), best time of day to tweet, even target number of Tweets to ensure the maximum ratio of RTs to Tweets (wow). There's plenty Twitter analysis for you. So if you're a little confused let me … Continue reading Are You a Twitt?

Networking 101

Let's talk about networking. Every week someone says something like "I need to build my network" to me. Okay: I agree. So what are you doing about it? For those confused about networking fundamentals let me give you the summary: You've got to act The number one mistake people make is not reaching out, or … Continue reading Networking 101