User Error

Be mindful. Not long ago I received a pre-loaded debit card as a thank you. In days past we received checks and had to go to the bank (at least until technology improved so we could take pictures of the checks as we deposited them). All in all, cards are better. After a couple of … Continue reading User Error



December is upon us. Here is the States we've concluded the carbo-splurge known as Thanksgiving (yours truly eats sparingly: its not my thing) and we've gotten through Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The retailers have taken their best shot. Its now onto the 31 days of the merriest month of the year. But why limit … Continue reading Gifts

This Blows

The following was originally written for and shared by my friends at Performance I Create Ah, Fall. Even in my part of the sunny south Fall has finally arrived with a chill in the air, the morning mist and yes, falling leaves even in Texas. How rich they are turning color before finally dropping to … Continue reading This Blows

What About You

Start at the beginning. Decades of career counseling and coaching have taught me there are indeed a few fundamentals that really matter in just about every field. Building solid relationships, demonstrating integrity and empathy and having a solid technical foundation are chief among them. Yet there is an additional factor which may be the single … Continue reading What About You

Labor Day

Those who do not know their history are condemned to repeat it. Here in the USA its a holiday, Labor Day, that is. We celebrate organized labor's achievements even as we continue to ship the majority of their work overseas as fast as we can.  Actually, that's not true: few people really understand what Labor … Continue reading Labor Day


Its not just how you start a job. Over the course of your career you're going to leave more than a few positions. Depending on the survey you look at you'll have between 8-12 employers and countless "jobs" within those firms. You're going to be doing a lot of moving around. In many ways thats … Continue reading Leaving

Best Blogs 24 April 2015

Welcome to #BestBlogs, the weekly curation of the world of work. The latest ideas on organization life, collaboration and our personal power in worklife from practitioners around the globe are collected here so you too may become more effective, perhaps even more satisfied, in career. Every week our theme emerges organically and this week its … Continue reading Best Blogs 24 April 2015

Fired Up

Have you ever fired anyone? I have. I hope you never have to do this. Thirty years ago I lost sleep the night before I had to tell someone they weren't coming back. I still do - I hope I never lose that sense of empathy. When I first began my career at Procter & … Continue reading Fired Up

Engagement Wins

Let's talk about engagement. No, not the connection of employee to work that so many speak of, let's take it down a level, or up, depending on how you look at that. Let's talk people to people. I just left my favorite grocery store - Central Market on N. Lamar in Austin - where engagement … Continue reading Engagement Wins

Just the Facts

The truth will set you free. Recently I sat in on an investigation - I wasn't the lead - and was impressed with a couple of points. I thought I'd share them with you in case you ever find yourself in a position where you're being questioned about a workplace incident. No, its not a … Continue reading Just the Facts