Stop Lying

The New Year isn’t quite as shiny as it was just a few weeks ago but it’s still new enough to recognize and make change if you want. So here’s a resolution for you: stop lying. There are all kinds of lies in human nature.  Big lies, little lies, white lies, bald lies, bold lies, … Continue reading Stop Lying


The Mindful Leader – Michael Carroll

Want to know the secrets to leading others in the command and control mode? Don't read this book. Michael Carroll's Mindful Leader has no set of action steps you can use to begin kicking butt and taking names, no programmatic script for you to execute and no catchy slogans to splash around the office or … Continue reading The Mindful Leader – Michael Carroll

Peace Is Every Step — Thich Nhat Hanh

So easy to read, yet hard to describe, Peace was the ideal way to start a young new year with a clean slate and begin to build a foundation for the future. A guidebook if you will illustrating through metaphor, story and autobiographical tales Peace enables the reader to understand, and begin to attain, what … Continue reading Peace Is Every Step — Thich Nhat Hanh

Reflections on Volumes

My intent in developing The List (52 Books in 52 Weeks) was to instill a little bit of intelligent discipline into my own reading habits. Left to my own devices I regularly go to the library and search out favored authors, classics, biographies, new age mysticism and so forth with all the joy of a … Continue reading Reflections on Volumes