Bad Business

There are two sides to every story. The other day I talked about some examples of good business: if you missed that you can read it here. So it seems only natural to share a few samples of things gone wrong. This January I dropped my Amazon Prime membership: I just don't buy that much … Continue reading Bad Business


Commerce & Care

Ho Ho Ho... Th holidays have now safely passed - at least Christmas and New Year (for the love of Mike people, there is no plural in New ¬†Year) - as we slowly return to our pre-festive routines. Friends are returning home after time with family or maybe a ski trip (I personally avoid holiday … Continue reading Commerce & Care

Moving On

I'm sorry. Yesterday I wrote a blog about engagement that apparently engaged some people. See what I did there? That was a literary device. Cool, huh? Anyway, my essential point yesterday was that engagement is not an extrinsic activity: it is not something we "do" to people. It is, in my view, a function or … Continue reading Moving On

Fried Chicken

No fried chicken tonight. When I was about 8 which was a very long time ago we were on a road trip. We were always on a road trip - I went to four high schools - so that wasn't unusual. Fast food really wasn't a big thing yet and kids did not go to … Continue reading Fried Chicken


We had a close call this morning.Longtime readers know about Chewy the Karma Dog, and The Hux, our two year-old shorthair who is a complete trip.But I write less often about Elvie or Elf just becuase she's a little quiter, a little more serene and frankly doesn't like to be bothered much. But today is … Continue reading Elf

The Rules

Some things should never be overlooked.We talk a lot about the rules for good living. Getting eight hours of sleep and eight glasses of water. Eat lots of fiber and veggies, watch out for that red meat. Exercise 30 min a day. All of these can help us live a healthier life.There's another rule that … Continue reading The Rules


There is a time for everything. All around the world the rhythms of life dance to their own drummer. Here, where I live, much of the pulse of daily life is influenced by the tens of thousands of undergrads who roam the city nine months of the year. In just a few days they will … Continue reading Bliss

The Thin Skin

Beware the thin skin of social media.At least twice in the last seven days I've antagonized people I actually like on #SoMe. I say at least because these are only the ones I know about. There may well be - probably are - others where people were annoyed but didn't bother to say so.At least … Continue reading The Thin Skin


Do you believe?It seems fashionable today to be snarky and cynical and jaded. To remark on how incompetent and incapable everyone else is. The current malaise of faith and goodwill isn't really current however: we've been putting others down since the time of the Greeks.Yet, to borrow from Dr Phil, how's that working for ya?Belief … Continue reading Belief

You’re Hired

Start with the end in mind.We talk a lot about engagement, what it is and how to drive it. Yet we often wait until employees are fried, tried and lied to and then wonder why they're not engaged.Let's think about this differently.PS, if you're still wondering if engagement is real and a good thing the … Continue reading You’re Hired